Ocypode convexa, commonly known as the golden ghost crab, or alternatively the western ghost crab or yellow ghost crab, is a species of ghost crabs endemic to the coast of Western Australia, from Broome to Perth. They are relatively large ghost crabs, with a carapace growing up to 45 mm (1.8 in) long and 52 mm (2.0 in) wide. They are easily recognisable by their golden yellow colouration. Like other ghost crabs they have box-like bodies with unequally sized claws. They also have large eyestalks with the cornea occupying most of the bottom part.

Golden ghost crabs are common inhabitants of open sandy beaches, living in burrows in the intertidal and supratidal zones. They are predominantly nocturnal and semi-terrestrial. They are a generalist species, feeding on carrion and debris, as well as preying on small animals. Along with the red fox (Vulpes vulpes), they are significant as one of the main predators of eggs and hatchlings of Western Australian sea turtles, particularly the Endangered loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta) which has one of the largest rookeries in the region.

Ocypode convexa is classified under the genus Ocypode in the ghost crab subfamily Ocypodinae of the family Ocypodidae. It was first described by the French naturalists Jean René Constant Quoy and Joseph Paul Gaimard in 1824 as Ocypode convexus. The type specimens were recovered from Dirk Hartog Island, Shark Bay, Western Australia, during the circumnavigational voyage of the French corvettes Uranie and Physicienne (1817–1820) under the command of Louis de Freycinet.

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