Lotus Pond (Chinese: 蓮池潭; pinyin: Liánchí Tán; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Liân-tî-thâm) is a man-made lake and popular tourist destination on the east side of Zuoying District in Kaohsiung City in southern Taiwan. Opened in 1951, it is famous for the lotus plants on the lake and the numerous temples around the lake, including the Spring and Autumn Pavilions (春秋閣), the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas (龍虎塔), and the Confucian Temple (孔廟).

Lotus Pond was the site for several water sporting events for World Games 2009, including canoe polo, water ski, and dragon boat.

The Old Confucius Temple was originally built in 1684. The temple circumferences ups to 122 units of length and full-scale. However, in Japanese colonial period due to lack of maintenance, it was only preserved Chong Sheng Shrine presently which located in the west side of Old City Elementary School nearby Lotus Pond. The new Confucius Temple was located in northwest corner of Lotus Pond; then, it was relocated and rebuilt in 1977, located in North Shore of Lotus Pond. Its pattern had followed Song Dynasty Confucian temple and Shandong Qufu Confucius Temple layouts as model; its Dacheng hall had followed the layouts of the Supreme Harmony Hall of the Imperial Palace. It had Xia and,Shang and Zhou’s color and culture with yellow tiles covering the roof, black foundations stand on the floor, red pillars, windows and doors, and white stone railings. And it is the largest measure in Taiwan. Its Confucius Ceremony still follows the traditional of Ba Yi Dance (eight dancers in eight rows).

It was established in 1953, were two Chinese palace-style pavilions. Spring and Autumn Pavilions named from the Spring Pavilion and Autumn Pavilion. Each of these two is four stores and octagonal, green tiles and yellow walls, like an antique pagoda reflected in the water. And they communicate with each other by 9 bend bridge, also called ‘Spring and autumn Royal Pavilion’, set up by commemorated ‘The Martial Saint, Lord Kua’. There is a Guanyin statue which is riding a dragon in the front end of the Spring and Autumn Pavilions. According to local legend, the Goddess of Mercy had rode the dragon appeared in the clouds and instruct followers to build icon as the form of its coming out between the Spring Pavilion and Autumn Pavilion; Therefore, now there is a Guanyin statue which is riding a dragon.

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