A pirate ahead of his time in many ways, Jack Sparrow likes to consider himself as the epitome of a free spirit. He swishes his way through life with a slightly odd, but strangely wise attitude. He is perhaps a bit crazy, for we learn he may have been overbaked in the sun while marooned once. But he still is smart enough to survive in a tough world without resorting to force to get what he wants. In fact he once said, “Why fight when you can negotiate?” This leads to some people seeing him as a coward and truth be told Jack is not heroic in the straightforward sense. He watches and reads people and gladly manipulates them for his own ingenious ends. That said, he avoids harming people for even his enemies only get what they truly deserve. Jack has a sense of right that may fluctuate by circumstance in the details, but he still has a sense of honor. When the chips are down Jack will come through, if at all humanly possible, for his friends or the greater good. Jack carries on his person little tokens or souvenirs from places he’s been or people he’s met. He has a habit of picking things up as he goes along, like the rings he wears. His hat is probably his favorite article of clothing. A compass that shows its user what he wants most in the the world is another crucial possession. He also carries a silver-plated pistol and a short cutlass. Jack’s a good swordfighter, but compared to the other characters in POTC he is not the most skillful. He probably wins in the creativity department though, he has used both an oar and a coconut as a weapon. He has a good eye and amazing aim, and is a bit of an acrobat. Jack also has an eternal love of rum, like many other pirates, and is immensely proud of the Black Pearl, originally the “Wicked Wench”, his ship. The first POTC movie focuses on his quest to reclaim the Pearl.

General Description About Jack Sparrow

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