Ammunition Boxes are boxes that contain ammunition for firearms. They have appeared throughout the Battlefield series. They first appeared in Battlefield 1942 as boxes filled with ammo and rockets covered with green cloth. In the Bad Company series they appear simply as green plastic boxes with writing on the sides.

Ammunition boxes may be placed at strategic points in the field, typically at deployments and near objectives.

Starting with Battlefield 2, players carry ammunition boxes in their kit, and receive points for supplying team mates with ammunition. Players have an infinite amount of Boxes to use at their disposal with a 3-5 second regeneration time. In some games, the player can carry the box with them to resupply while moving to an objective.

Each kit can only have one ammo crate out a time; if a new one is deployed the old one will disappear. Players can deploy multiple ammo crates by using dropped kits.

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