About Walls Field


Welcome to our ‘About Us ‘ page. We are going to give some information in this page that it may not lead a change in your life but it explains who we are, what we do and what is Wallsfield.com in general. First of all we want to state that if you have any suggestions, comments, questions or complaints, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Who We Are?
We are a team working for people so that they can reach every wallpaper almost about every subject easily. Now this team, consisting of 3 people, dedicates to giving you the best wallpapers with a focus on being qualified under the roof of ‘Wallsfield.com’. Our wallpaper archieve is getting bigger day by day and it will be ready for your all needs soon. We want you to know that we are really working hard for this.

What We Do?
In general, our primary focus is on the most wanted and needed wallpapers. We make our website more useful by adding the most recent ones. Of course it is widely shaped with your feedbacks. Since we aim to be an user-oriented website, your ideas are important for us.

What Is WallsField.com?
Actually it is quite simple. The word ‘walls’ is abbrevation of ‘wallpapers’ and this is our field so here comes the ‘Wallsfield’. Our website presents very rich content to its followers. Besides we guarantee that it will be more fun and practical with the new features in time. Our last one is that you can vote all wallpapers if you want. You can be aware of all changes and you can be the first user.

Take care of yourself.